About ForIT Solutions®

Founded in 2008, ForIT Solutions® has developed software applications in the following areas: retail, hospitality, document management and archiving. Some of the most important applications are:

  • ForIT – Forms Retail & Hospitality (1000+ implementations and 4000+ users)
  • Document SCOPE – advanced scanning application with OCR, PDF, PDF/A and DOCX export features
  • Scan1 – automatized scanning application designed for high-speed document scanners
  • Document Archiving Server & Desktop – document management and e-mail archiving platform
  • ForIT Solutions® Office – create, edit, print Office documents
  • ForIT Solutions® Document Signer – professional PDF signing application
  • ForIT Solutions® ownOCR server – enterprise-ready professional OCR server

Contact information

Business legal name: ForIT Solutions S.R.L.
Tax ID: RO23566263
Development office: Bld. Liviu Rebreanu, nr. 120, Timis, Romania
Headquarters: Com. Padureni, nr. 378, Timis, Romania
e-mail: your@ownocr.com, office@foritsolutions.com